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Monday, March 22, 2010

Response to Brooklyn Met Fan

The big debate in the Queens part of NY baseball world is focusing on who should be the starting shortstop while Jose Reyes recuperates. Brooklyn Met Fan posted this article, and suggested that Tejada should start, because he is younger and more exciting. 

My comment, posted on the BMF blog: Instead of platooning by opposing pitcher, Cora and Tejada should platoon by Mets pitcher, to give some cohesion to the defense and some confidence to the pitcher. Cora should play behind Santana, Maine, and Perez, three flyball pitchers who require steady defense, and some run support.

Tejada should start for Pelfrey, who requires range at SS, and the fifth starter. After a few rotations, the team can decide how to proceed. And then, Reyes comes back, and Tejada goes back to Buffalo to work on SS and 2B, just in case Reyes and/or Castillo get hurt/sick/very old.

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