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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can't Believe the Mets Missed Out on Timo Perez

Am I the only one who thinks Nick Evans would be a better platoon partner with Daniel Murphy at first base than Fernando Tatis? Nothing against (Little Buddha) Tatis; I love him, and if I had a daughter, I'd let her marry him, but he's not the answer. First things first at first, I don't really think Murphy has had enough time to show what he can do against lefties anyway. I'd like to see what he can do as the full-time first baseman before making any moves, but it's too late early around here.

Every day, I am more convinced that Omar Minaya is a bad general manager. And I am totally convinced that the Mets' management structure is broken and needs to be completely revamped. The good news is that a bad start will likely lead to the firing of Omar Minaya. The bad news is that short of a team sale, Jeff Wilpon is not going anywhere.

There are fewer and fewer free agents available every day, and yes, they're probably cheap, but since when are the Mets are a small-market team? Really, the only two advantages that the Mets have over other teams is the large-market promotional opportunities and money, money, money.

Now that they have to compete with teams like San Diego, Washington, and Kansas City for the dregs of the free agent season, the only reason a player would come to the Mets is for more money and more attention. And yet, no one is signing with the Mets, except for Omar's old friends, and oddly, Japanese guys that are totally unforecastable.

The only question is: what do the Mets do now?

If I were in charge, I'd try to trade for Bronson Arroyo without giving up top prospects, by paying his entire salary. If Cincinnati doesn't bite, I'd sign Chien-Ming Wang to a two-year, incentive-laden contract and let him work himself back into major league shape for the second half of the season. He is not going to be as good as was in his Yankee prime, but he is a bull-dog, and has proven to be able to handle New York, unlike Erik Bedard, Jarrod Washburn, and some of the others.

The only other pitcher of interest is actually Braden Looper. Met fans probably still hate him for being an ineffective (and injured) closer, but now he is a reliable and durable starter, along the lines of Jon Garland.

I'd also sign John Smoltz to be a reliever/part-time pitching coach. He is one of the best pitchers I've ever seen, and I think he has a few good innings left, and more importantly, pitching wisdom. Between him and Johan Santana, the Mets would at least have Hall-of-Fame caliber mentors for the holy unpredictable triumvirate of Mike Pelfrey, John Maine, and Oliver Perez.

I'd sign Orlando Hudson to a one year deal, and release Luis Castillo if I can't get any kind of prospect for him (and of course, pay 90-95% of his salary to give the other team a real reason to get him).

The team could use a couple of lefty relievers to add to the competitive mix in Spring Training. They need a real LOOGY so Pedro Feliciano can be used in a more extensive role as a set-up guy who can pitch more than one inning. I know Jerry Manuel prefers to use him more often for shorter stints, but I'm entitled to disagree with him, and I do about this. I've said for years that Feliciano is usually the best or second best reliever on the team, and has only recently gotten the love from the media. Maybe try to sign a failed lefty starter and see what he can do in the pen. Rich Hill would have been interesting in that role, but it's too late for him, too.

Signing Johnny Gomes as a competitor for the final bench spot would make sense, too. I'd rather have him than Gary Matthews, Jr. because at least he is good at something, hitting for power. Something the Mets certainly need more of. But then again, I'd rather have Gary Matthews, Sr. or Garry Maddox than GM Jr.

My last move would be to hire a guy like Will Carroll to consult about the injury problem, and maybe a brilliant sports psychologist/mental skills coach. If he or she (yes, I'm available) doesn't help the players, maybe the front office can pick up some IQ points. The Mets need to make some changes in how they deal with health, focus, and lacks thereof. Carroll is a genius when it comes to pitching injuries, and the Mets need more geniuses as much as they need more power.

Let's Go Mets! I'm trying hard to keep an open mind as I wait for pitchers and catchers.

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