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Sunday, December 20, 2009

To Rebuild or Not to Rebuild, Is that the Question?

Mets Police link

On Fox Sports, Bob Klapisch posted the above article on December 19, 2009. Mets Police responded with the link under the Klapisch link above.

The following is my comment posted on the Mets Police site:

"If I trusted the management of this team, yes, rebuilding would be the dramatic and creative approach to fixing this team. 

But I don't, and neither does anyone else, so I prefer continuing with the guys the Mets have now, with a few free agents brought in like Bay, a less-greedy catcher than Molina, and some guys like Sheets/Mulder/Bedard on incentive-laden deals. 

When that fails to produce a play-off team, then fire Minaya and rebuild the management structure (getting rid of Jeff Wilpon from his position of total power would be the place to start)." (posted as kami haiku gmail)

If I had posted it on my haiku blog, I would have said:

don't rebuild the team
until you fire and rebuild 
the Mets' front office

Off-Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays to all!

PS: Dear Jason Bay: If you don't want to play for the Mets, just say so!

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