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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let's Put On a Show

Now that the situation is totally out of hand, let's do what Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland used to do. Let's gather the neighborhood kids--that includes everyone on the rosters of the New York Mets, Buffalo Bisons, and Binghamton Mets--and ask for volunteers to put on a show in The Show.

The first 12 pitchers and 13 position players to raise their hands get to finish out August, and then the next 15 (if there are that many) volunteers get to join the Mets on September 1. This will be their chance to try a new position, try batting from the other side of the plate, whatever they care to work on, in exchange for risking life and limb putting on a blue and orange jersey that says New York on it.
Pick the lineup out of a hat, use a dartboard to determine who plays where, it doesn't matter. We need some tough young men to go where no man has gone before (or seemingly wants to go), being on the field when the 2009 Mets finish their season.
Thank you, baseball gods, for Johan Santana not needing Tommy John surgery at the moment. Thanks, too, for Jeff Francoeur's fighting spirit, and David Wright's leadership. This gives Met fans all over the world a glimmer of hope that 2010 won't be as bad as 2009.
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