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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Crazy Idea

Okay, so maybe being off work is causing some kind of hallucinogenic effect, but here's another idea to consider for the Mets. How about trying Josh Thole at second base for the Buffalo Bisons. He can still catch a few times a week, but how about giving him a crash course in infield play? His hitting profiles better as a second baseman than as a catcher or corner IF or OF, and his strong arm can make up for some range limitations.

The fact is that Luis Castillo has very little range, and isn't as good a hitter as Thole right now. I've wondered what Daniel Murphy would be able to do at 2B as well. I know they tried him there briefly in the minors, but again, he can't be much worse than Castillo.

Signing someone like Russell Branyan, and eventually moving Thole and/or Murphy to 2B would be a radical move, but instantly improve the power and offense, without hurting the defense all that much (we'll see). This would require Murphy being sent down, which he probably would be anyway if the Mets sign another first baseman.

The point, as always, is that Mets need to be much more creative and intelligent with their resources than they are right now.

Random Caroms Off the Wall

It's great to hear about and see Santana and Perez throwing in Port St. Lucie. Makes me want to pick something up and throw it. Where's that Nerf ball?

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