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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Forgot about the Cuban defectors

There are some more free agents out there that haven't turned down the Mets yet, as far as we know. Yuniesky Maya and Leslie Anderson, both Cuban defectors, could be worth a shot. Maya is a 27 year old pitcher, and Anderson is a 26 year old OF/1B, and both sound like they could help the Mets this year after a short time in the minors to adjust, perhaps.

I don't know what kind of money these guys are looking for, but at this point it's the kind of risk a team like the Mets should be willing to take. There is no draft pick compensation, no prospects to give in return, just cash, which the Mets keep saying they have.

As the guy says in the disturbingly humorous Cole Hamels ad, "Come on, Omar!"

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