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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Porcelain Dolls, Why Do They Keep Breaking?

Again TC is babying a young player. Last year he refused to move Flores off SS even though it made no sense to play Tejada at 3B, because it would be too much to ask of Flores. Now, Flores is struggling with the adjustment to being a utility IF, which is his obvious role on this team and could have been last year. 

Conforto has volunteered to try 1B. Why not let him practice the position and at least see what he looks like. Why make a blanket statement? I'm so tired of watching MLB teams treat players like porcelain dolls. 

If TC really won't try Conforto, how about Granderson? The guy plays fundamentally sound defense, is a great team player/leader, has a poor arm, and is an aging player with only 1.7 years left on his contract. 

Really, just buy a box of righty and lefty 1B mitts and toss them around the clubhouse. 4-6 weeks of Duda-free baseball requires more than Eric Campbell and Wilmer Flores to chip in.

Not to mention the need for a semi-regular 3B to keep Wright fresh. Mets, please be active instead of dragging your feet for a change.

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