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Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Blown Statistic

It has bothered me for years that a relief pitcher could get a blown save in the six inning, even though he had no chance to stay in the game long enough to get a save. 

Then last night, Jeurys Familia, the dominant Mets' closer, blew a four-run lead in the ninth inning, and did not get charged with a blown save, because it was not a save situation. 

It is time for some statistical redefinition. If you are a relief pitcher and you allow the tying run to score, you should be charged with a blown lead, regardless of the score or inning. 

When a reliever enters the game with a lead, his statistical possibilities would be:

blown lead

I would also like the Hold Rule to be amended to allow the official scorer to withhold a hold (dehold?) if the pitcher was ineffective. I have seen pitching lines where a reliever came in with a three run lead, and proceeded to allow two runs in less than one inning. If the team wins, it is in spite of that performance, not because of it. 

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