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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dark Knight of the Soul

If you are a super hero, your job is to handle adversity. To solve problems, stop the bad guys, and save the world. 

Not unlike pitching. So congratulations, Matt Harvey, AKA The Dark Knight of Gotham, you have finally experienced the kind of personal challenges that most people have gone through, although not in front of so many people, many of whom have no compassion for you. 

This is a time for deep introspection. To go away and find your Yoda. To stop trying harder and learn to try softer. To make this game fun for you again. 

Your problem is not one that can be solved by pitching again in five days for the Mets. You need to step away from the glare for a bit and start over one small step at a time. 

Don't fight it. Surrender to the process of stripping away the false self and discovering the authentic man underneath. Find your humility, friend. 

The only way to become the Dark Knight again is to surrender to your Dark Knight of the Soul. Be humble, ask for help from those wiser and more experienced than you, such as Bartolo Colon. 

Let go of the trappings of fame and power, and focus only on being your highest self. Control is an illusion. The only thing you need to control is your next pitch, whether it is in Port St. Lucie or Columbia, South Carolina. 

Many Met fans have compassion for you now. Be grateful for your life, and surrender the illusion of control. You will be back, better than ever. 

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