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Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Closer" Than You Think, Decisions About K-Rod

There is a mini-debate going on about what the Mets should do about Francisco Rodriguez's insane vesting option for 2012. One side says the Mets should sign another closer to alternate with Rodriguez, to keep him from finishing the necessary 55 games required to trigger the $17.5 million salary for 2012 (there's a $3.5 million buyout if he doesn't reach the vesting requirement).

The other side says it doesn't make sense to pay another closer to prevent Rodriguez from reaching the vesting option. There are other options, and I would like to see the Mets choose any one of the following:

  1.  Trade him now or at the trade deadline, with the receiving team taking responsibility for any 2012 payments ($17.5 million or $3.5 million), and the Mets paying most or all of his 2011 salary. The Mets don't even need to get a real player or prospect in return, but it would be nice to get something for their $11.5 million for 2011.

  2.  Keep him and use him as co-closer with Bobby Parnell being the other co-closer, and justify it with the very real possibility that Parnell will be the closer in 2012 if not before (if Rodriguez is traded, injured, and/or incarcerated.)

Of course, both options could be chosen together by using co-closers until the trade deadline, and then trading Rodriguez.

In any event, I always like to point out the other options that the media often misses.

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