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Friday, October 15, 2010


There is an unfamiliar sense of optimism around the Mets these days, if only because there is nothing to criticize as all the scapegoats have been removed, and no one has taken their place. Some interesting names are being tossed about as potential GMs, and from there, the managerial search will begin in earnest.

I don't know nearly enough about these people to predict how they would do as the GM, but it's nice to think about someone like Rick Hahn or Sandy Alderson taking the reins and setting a new course for the team.

My preference, as I've said several times, is to hire a team president who is an experienced, visionary leader with a proven track-record in building winning organizations. Sandy Alderson, Terry Ryan, John Hart come to mind, and even Bobby Valentine, one of the brightest baseball minds around.

Once the president is in place (and Jeff Wilpon and Saul Katz are removed), then I would have that person choose a bright, young GM to put the vision into action. People like Rick Hahn, Jon Daniels, Josh Byrnes, and Jerry DiPoto come to mind for this piece of the puzzle. I want someone young enough to be able to follow through on the necessary rebuilding process, under the guidance, as needed, by the President.

Then, the President and GM will select some possible managers and interview them until a new manager is selected. My personal choice would be Wally Backman. I think he would be the perfect field leader to instill a more fiery work ethic and a refusal to accept losing.

I would also hope that the President and GM start building a front office with a good balance of traditional scouting expertise and advanced statistical acumen. Amateur scouting needs to be the primary focus of the organization. Building a deep, talented, winning farm system is the only way to win these days, and the right leaders need to be in place to make this happen.

The major flaw of the Omar Minaya regime is Minaya's insistence that New York won't tolerate a rebuilding process. That's bull. Fans want a winning organization for years to come, and are willing to do it the right way. I believe that the game has changed enough in the "post-steroid" era that the rebuilding process can be much faster than it used to be. The best players now are mostly younger players who had to rise through a tougher-testing minor league system. The added bonus is that they are also healthier and cheaper.

My guess is that the Mets can become a consistent winner within 2-3 years if they follow my plan, and they probably won't have another year as bad as 2009 in the meantime.

Let's Go Mets!

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