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Sunday, April 05, 2009


Well, as far as I'm concerned, the Mets' season is ruined. My two least favorite players are Billy Wagner and Gary Sheffield. Now the Mets have both of them, at least contractually.

If the Mets are smart (which I obviously don't think they are), they will have a trade in place to dump Wagner the second he is able to pitch again. With Sheffield, I sincerely hope they are ready to pull the plug on this stupid experiment sooner rather than later.

40 year old former steroid abusers do not age well under any circumstances, and when you throw in Sheffield's general sour disposition, and extreme arrogance and self-absorption, this experiment can't end well. How many teammates and staff will Sheff throw under the bus before he is booted out of town?

Gary Sheffield should either retire or play in Japan. Or, if this were the NBA, get a ten-day contract to hit his 500th home run and then be released. The greatest harm here is that both Ryan Church and Daniel Murphy will get fewer at bats, and will feel like the organization does not believe in them. This move only makes sense if the National League suddenly announces that the DH will be used starting right now, or if Sheffield is willing to be a pinch hitter exclusively, which I highly doubt.

In any event, I am not going to Citi Field, or buying any Mets' stuff until Sheffield is gone. Wagner I am willing to tolerate, just as long as he keeps his big mouth shut and doesn't actually pitch for the Mets again.

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