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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let's Go Mets, Let's Go, Already

Mets should:

trade Evans, Parnell, Delgado, Castillo to Angels for Chone Figgins and Scot Shields
sign Manny Ramirez for 1 year $30 million
sign Orlando Hudson to a back-loaded 4 year deal: 2009 $5 mil, 2010 $10 mil, 2011 $10 mil, 2012 $10 mil.
sign Lowe to 3 year deal: 2009 $16 mil, 2010 $14, 2011 $12, vesting 4th year option $12 mil
trade Brian Schneider for a decent lefty reliever
And get a younger, defensive specialist catcher to split time with Castro (I read Adam Rubin's article on the results of Mets' pitchers with Schneider and Castro catching last year.)


Reyes SS
Hudson 2B
Ramirez LF
Beltran CF
Wright 3B
Murphy 1B
Church RF
??/Castro C

bench: Figgins IF/OF
Tatis OF, 3B, 1B
Castro/?? C
Reed OF
Pagan OF


F. Rodriguez
Another lefty

The big trade proposal with the Angels makes sense because the only way to get rid of a contract like Castillo's is to entice the other team with something(s) they need. The Angels need a bat like Delgado in a big way, and the two prospects make up for the ages of Delgado and Castillo. Figgins and Shields are valuable, but the Angels can spare them, since it will vastly improve the offense for this year, and give them two young guys for the future. Plus, the Angels are one of the few teams that has some money to spend right now.

The Rubin piece on Schneider is mind-bending, and even if the effect is exaggerated, why take a chance on repeating those numbers? Schneider's whole value is his supposed positive effect on pitchers, so if there's even a chance that he is actually hurting them, for whatever reason, there's no point in keeping him.

Now that the Mets have signed Redding, it's time to go all-out for Lowe. I really don't care if they overspend a little on him. If he goes to the Braves and the Mets end up with Ollie or someone worse, it means that the pitching isn't much better than last year's disaster. That would put a lot of pressure on Putz to return to his dominant form, and on Maine and Pelfrey to improve from last year. And, God forbid, one of their top starters get hurt . . . .

I don't miss Steve Phillips as GM very often, but he was excellent at coming up with creative ways to get rid of bad contracts. That's the challenge for Omar Minaya right now, to get Orlando Hudson in at second, and upgrade from Delgado to Manny for a short-term investment. By 2010, Fernando Martinez will take over LF, and by then, Daniel Murphy should be getting closer to his prime, which I see as all-star level, consistent offensive production, along the lines of John Olerud or Keith Hernandez, unfortunately without the superb defense of those two guys.

Caroms Off the Wall

The Red Sox are doing this offseason in a brilliant way. They are taking low cost risks for potentially high reward players like Smoltz, Saito, Baldelli, and Penny. The Yankees have spent a lot more money, but at the end of the year, I still like Boston's chances to make the playoffs, now and for the forseeable future. The guy the Mets really need is Theo Epstein.

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