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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

In For a Wild Season

The Tigers are 0-7 and the Orioles are 6-1. Everything is going exactly according to plan, in Bizarro Baseball World. The Mets look just like last year's model, and the Yankees look like a good team that is rebuilding on the fly.

Teams that are improving include the Royals, Rays, and Reds. I expect them all to stay competitive all year, and even stay in the playoff race for longer than most people expected. The Orioles, on the other hand, can't possibly maintain their good play for very long.

Why is that the Angels are always the good team that plays well, no matter what? The Red Sox will be fine once they readjust to Eastern Daylight Time. The Brewers and Cubs look like they will replay last year, with the Brewers getting out to an early lead, and the Cubs having a better second half and ending up on top. Eric Gagne is a disaster, and the Brewers bullpen is going to have to step up to avoid a repeat of last year. Good luck with that.

The Mets look like they need a kick in the pants from somewhere, and I don't see Willie Randolph providing it. I honestly think they need to fire Randolph sooner rather than later, and bring in a real leader. What's Davey Johnson up to these days? Or Felipe Alou . . . .

They may even need to clean the whole slate and fire Omar Minaya, too. This team does not look like a championship-caliber team to me so far, and with all the money they have spent, it really should.

Caroms off the wall

I miss Ruben Gotay already, and so will the Mets if Castillo has to go on the DL. I predict that Argenis Reyes will spend at least part of the year as the starting second baseman for the Mets.

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