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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Moises Alou and Orlando Hernandez

The Mets have two players that might appear to be at similar points in their illustrious careers. Moises Alou and Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez are both older and extremely injury-prone, but there are two important differences between them. Alou is either on the DL or playing well; Hernandez is either on the DL, hurt and pitching poorly, or healthy and pitching well.

The major difference, though, is that Alou is professional and mature, not causing a distraction when something is wrong. El Duque, as great as he has been when healthy, is a head-case and always has been when something hurts.

I see El Duque becoming a major distraction at some point this season as the Mets try to ease him out and Pelfrey in. His ego is bigger than his talent at this point, and Pelfrey has probably already surpassed him. The best thing that could happen for the Mets is probably that Pelfrey pitches even better than last Spring Training, and El Duque agrees to have surgery and retires.

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