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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The World Series Begins

In the ALCS, I had a feeling that game 2 was going to be the key, that if Boston won, the series would be over quickly, and if Cleveland won, it would be down to the wire. Usually in a post-season series, the first game is in many ways the least important, and certainly the least predictive of the eventual winner.

This year's World Series is different, though, and I think game 1 will be the key. It's the irrestible force vs. the immovable object, the rolling Rockies vs. Josh Beckett. If Beckett continues his dominance and breaks the Rockies' incredible run of success, I think Boston will win the series easily. However, if the Rockies beat Beckett, they have a huge edge the rest of the way, especially with the lack of the DH in the middle three games.

My sense (and I said I was out of the prediction business) is that Beckett will dominate and Boston will win game 1. The Red Sox are what the Mets want to be and aren't quite; talented, ultra-competitive, and possessed with the killer instinct of a champion. I am rooting for the Red Sox, but if Colorado wins, I won't be too unhappy. They are impressive and a classy organization, and have been an amazing story this past few weeks.

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