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Monday, June 11, 2007

Am I wrong about the Yankees?

The Yankees are playing pretty well right now. They are clicking on most cylinders for the first time all year. They also just played the Pittsburgh Pirates in Yankee Stadium, which is almost like playing against a Triple-A team with a few good young pitchers. They were smart to start Clemens against such a weak team in his first start, because he probably would have gotten pounded by a team like the Red Sox or Tigers pitching the way he did in his first game.

I'm surprised at how well Bobby Abreu is playing, because even major league scouts were saying he looked like he had never played baseball before just a few weeks ago. Melky Cabrera seems to be sparking them with some youthful energy and speed in the outfield. One question: is Johnny Damon a good enough offensive player now to be a regular DH? I think not. He is reminding me a little of Chuck Knoblauch at the end of his mostly successful career. The Yankeed moved him all over the field, trying to find a place where he could contribute, and he never did again. Damon looks like he doesn't have much left to offer a good team. Maybe it's time to trade him while they can still get something in return.

I expect the Yankees to trade for Mark Texeira or Todd Helton sooner rather than later. There is no way they will go any length of time with Josh Phelps and Miguel Cairo playing a premier offensive position. They are probably also looking to upgrade the bullpen and maybe get a more experienced 5th starter. It would be funny if they traded for Shawn Chacon again, hoping he can repeat what he did a few years ago for them.

If they make the playoffs this year, Joe Torre should go straight to sainthood, with a brief stop at Cooperstown to make his Hall of Fame acceptance speech. Yankee fans don't know how fortunate they have been the past decade to have the kind of success they have had.

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At 4:15 PM, Anonymous ed markowski said...


the yankees are troubled.

no pitching.

the giambi mess.

no playoffs this year.

good to have met you at the n.a.c.

ed markowski

fly ball
the rain falling
on my face

South Bronx
every blade of grass
in Yankee Stadium

post game interview
the knuckleballer's
flat voice


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