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Friday, April 20, 2007

Mets and Braves Deja Vu

Weirdly, the Mets get ready to play the Braves, their only real division rival (sorry, Jimmy Rollins), after winning three straight blow-outs, just as they did earlier in the season. The Mets went to St. Louis and blew the Cards off the field three times, and then blasted the Braves in Atlanta in game one. The next two games were close games, and the Braves managed to win both, which perturbed Willie Randolph.

So here we are again, Mets are on a roll, and they get to play their old-time nemesis three times at Shea. Baseball often gives teams and players chances for redemption, or at least opportunities for improvement. Of course it's still very early, and I think the Mets and Braves will battle it out till the end this year, but here is a chance for the Mets to make a statement about just how dominant they are this year.

Better than last year, that's how dominant. Moises Alou replacing Cliff Floyd gives the Mets a much better left-right balance, and another power bat that Cliff wasn't providing last year. And, as much as people worry about the starters, remember last year's ridiculous parade of Jose Lima, Geremi Gonzalez, and Manny Aybar? I would rather take this year's rotation than last year any day. (Good-bye, Steve Trachsel.)

The only question mark is the bullpen, a place where the Braves may be better than the Mets, but so far, it looks fine. The Mets cannot afford an injury to any of their key relievers, but if things break right, they should be fine until the injured reinforcements come back. I'm expecting Pedro Martinez to win some games at the end of the season, and maybe move one of the starters into the bullpen. I don't expect Duaner Sanchez or Guillermo Mota to help much if at all.

Mets vs. Braves, bring it on.

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