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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Playoff Predictions for 2006

What I want and what I expect are somewhat different, in life, as well as baseball. My prediction for the World Series is:

Minnesota over San Diego in 6 games. ( . . . but I want the Mets to win!)

Minnesota over Oakland in 5 games
NY Yankees over Detroit in 4 games

NY Mets over Los Angeles in 5 games
San Diego over St. Louis in 4 games

Minnesota over NY Yankees in 7 games
San Diego over NY Mets in 7 games

Obviously, I am predicting that good pitching will prevail, and San Diego and Minnesota have excellent bullpens along with dominant aces. Jake Peavy will finally show the world how good he is, and Johan Santana will keep doing what he has done for the past few years, be the best pitcher in baseball. Even without their amazing rookie, Francisco Liriano, the Twins were still the best team in baseball for most of the second half of the season.

Play ball!


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