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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Is Roger Clemens limping all the way to the Hall of Fame?

If Roger Clemens has pitched his last major league game, then the Hall of Fame discussions can begin in earnest. Since he has accomplished so much for so many teams, I think the only fair thing would be to put a University of Texas cap on his Cooperstown plaque. It is too bad that his career post-season statistics do not quite live up to his regular season mastery, but the reason is obvious. Clemens, like Brad Lidge, gets too pumped up at times, and he loses his command just enough to allow the best hitters to take advantage. It's almost the opposite of fear for these guys; they get carried away with their own dominance, and refuse to believe anyone can beat them. There's no need to worry about Lidge. He'll be fine, once he learns how to tone himself down a bit. Of course, this year there are additional reasons for Clemens's struggles: he is old, he is tired, and he is hobbled with another hamstring injury. If the last image of him is limping down the dugout steps, it would be sad, but he accomplished the amazing feat of getting a Texas team into the World Series. Hook 'em Horns!


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