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Friday, October 21, 2005

Roy Oswalt is the best pitcher, but the Sox have a better team

Roy Oswalt is the best starter of all the post-season teams this year, but the White Sox have a better team, and will win in six. One interesting note is that in the ALCS, the White Sox used only 15 players, which is one fewer than their 1917 World Series Champions, who used two pinch-hitters and an extra outfielder, in addition to their eight position players and five pitchers (only three starters) in their six game series victory against the New York Giants. This year's Sox matched their ancestors with four complete games. One notable difference between then and now is that two pitchers for the 1917 Sox pitched 50 out of the 52 total innings pitched, with Red Faber starting three games, completing two, and relieving in another. Eddie Cicotte started and completed two games, and pitched six innings in relief in another. Those days are long gone, but what this year's Chisox did will be hard for any team to match. Unless they manage to use fewer in the World Series!


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